CD "Guillotines and Angel Wings"
  • CD "Guillotines and Angel Wings"
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The 6th studio album from the metal powerhouse Moore is a ride through many metal styles. With soaring, aggressive vocals, blistering guitars and blazing drums, Guillotines and Angel Wings is a headbangers delight. Faster, louder, harder. Guillotines and Angel Wings is an even more aggressive album from Moore. With a lineup change on this album, the intensity has increased without losing the melodic edge that Moore fans have come to expect. Jim Moore on voice and Chadwik Parsons on bass, half the lineup is the same as "Bleed". And with the addition of Joe Johnson on guitars (Joe is a guitar virtuoso by anybody's standard) and Haakon Sjoegren on drums (Haakon is simply a breathtakingly fast and complex drummer) Guillotines and Angel Wings makes the time since Moore's last album well worth the wait. Recorded at the Blasting Room in Ft. Collins Colorado, and mixed and mastered by "Rise Against" producer Jason Livermore, every song stands out as a new classic.

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